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Fun-Filled Platforming Under Dubious Circumstances!

After developing an anime addiction and being laid off from his job, Yoshi refuses to pay his taxes, leading the IRS to hop on his tail. Though he'll run into many hijinks in his escape, he may find something bigger than himself or his dues...

Unique Levels United Under a Furry Friend!

When Bowser strikes Peach's Castle once again to steal her away, Mario and his new best friend must traverse over 10 unique levels around the world, all created by different ROM hackers! Created with a variety of hackers.

Open-Source Enemy Packages for All Hackers!

Tons of classic Mario enemies and bosses will be available for all hackers to use! Ranging from the sea to the sky and everything in between, there's an enemy for every hacker looking to spice up their levels. Created with Yoshi Milkman.

Fusing the Best of Rhythm Games, Platforming, and Bullet Hells!

DJ Bowser storms the castle, and it's up to Mario and E. Gadd to get Peach back in three rhythmic levels where weaving around musical traps is the key to survival. Created with MrComit.

An RPG Twist on a Classic Platforming Formula!

King Bob-Omb is atop the Elemental Lighthouse, planning to use the Elemental Stars to control the world. Experience a fusion of platforming and classic RPG battling as you fight your way to him!

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